Fundacja Addenda
minus melius
mniej to lepiej
less is more

about Foundation

Addenda foundation operates in the sphere of non-formal and informal adult education.

We are especially interested in the areas where education meets and interlaces with culture, art, social  life, healthcare, homeland identity  community activities and family life.

We are focusing mainly on  people over the age of 40  (the middle aged and elderly) especially those  facing all kinds of educational difficulties, caused by social, geographical, economical and other obstacles and problems.

We organise, animate and support various educational and cultural events, workshops, seminars, lectures, discussion meetings, happenings, courses and trainings conducted in a way that stands out from common practice.

In our educational actions we concentrate not only on providing skills and knowledge but  also on creating  active educational approaches, curiosity and cognitive courage, involvement of oneself and others.

We promote innovation and high quality of theoretical reflection, but at the same time we keep in touch with everyday life and its problems. We are working on developing methods and language useful in non-formal and informal education.

An important element of our work is cooperation and exchange,  both local and international. We counsel, support and assist individuals, organisations and institutions, especially those  from disadvantaged backgrounds, e.g rural regions.

We create a common platform for the  people, with different backgrounds,  who are interested in innovation in adult learning . In our team we have educators, practitioners  and researches, people representing various disciplines like  pedagogy, psychology, philosophy, literature, social communication, library science and science, with a rich and broad experience in education.

We are always open to expanding our team and to cooperate with other individuals, organisations and institutions.

An impressionist while painting a picture covers the canvas with colorful spots in seemingly careless and random ways. When we take a close look  at his work it seems without plan, inconspicuous and trivial. But when viewed from a certain perspective it turns out that every single brush stroke was meaningful and necessary. Every colour, spot and shape is indispensable and vital to creating a single, astonishingly beautiful totality.

We wish that every single one of our actions will be like a fragment of an artist's work which together with other fragments will create a unique work of art.